David Sosa

Ladies, gents, and unicorns, I present to you, David Sosa. Bassist of Astagal and audio engineer at White Oak Music Hall.

The most neighborly, friendly, and amicable Houstonian you’ll ever meet.

Like, seriously, David Sosa has a friend everywhere and anywhere he goes, and when he doesn’t, he makes friends fast.

This guy “knows a guy” for pretty much every problem you can think of. Fender bender? He knows a guy. Need to sell an amp? He knows a guy. Need your hair cut? He knows... a gal actually.

Need the light fixture in your dining room replaced which will require weird electrical work? He. Knows. A. Guy.

I digress.

I was super lucky to have sweet Sosa sit down with me and talk about his life: Childhood, inspiration, near-death experiences, and favorite morning music.

In this episode, we explore the tug and pull that creativity can have on us, not just through our own doing but even our family and friends. The impact that people can have on you when you’re a kid is huge, especially when they’re the ones opening creative doors for you.

Can you remember who first showed you the music that you like? What was your first concert? Let me know in the comments below!

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